Friday, August 29, 2008

New Store - New Tags - Romantic Pink Roses - Bling

We are very blessed to showcase our newest line of original and exclusive copyright protected tags - perfect for gifts, collage compilations or even to frame and place in your favorite romantic shabby personal space. These are physical tags, printed on a high quality laser printer then embellished with hand applied details you will only find in higher end boutiques. You would have to see them "in person" to appreciate their beauty. Each one is decorated with romantic ribbons and Swarovski crystals or rhinestones, then dusted with German glass glitter or "angel dust" in all the right places. Where we have placed faux jewels, our tag artist, Gina, has added glitter, making them look like they are dusted with "daimond dust" that dances in the light. We have many tags in this collection that showcases the incredible talent of the famous artist, Gail McCormack. Please visit our new sister site, Victoria Rose Tags, for further details.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Charmed Life - Blessing

Yes, I was and am very blessed. I give God the honor and glory. My beloved parents built our cottage - I mean literally my beloved Daddy and his brothers and family friends built the cottage on Beech Hill Pond.. .the very year I came into the world. . . And that special place today - after all these years - still captures my heart. . . When I am sad, I look at pictures and cry. . tears of joy at having had such a wonderfully blessed childhood. . .. Thank you Mum and Daddy who are now with Jesus - thank you for the most wonderful memories of my life. . I know the way you raised me is a big part of who I am today. For anyone who is not familiar with Maine, Beech Hill Pond is about one half hour from Bar Harbor - another very special place to me. . .

Every year, about two or three times a summer, we would leave our summer cottage and go to the Coast for a picnic on Sand Beach at Bar Harbor, Maine.. . walk on over to Thunder Hole and have a Maine lobster feed on the way back to "camp". . . Another one of my favorite places on earth. . . If you ever are blessed to visit Maine, take a ride to Bar Harbor and go up Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park. . You will never ever forget that breathtaking view. . . Then go to Sand Beach - The water was like ice compared to how it is here in Florida but we loved every bit of it! Most people would say I had a charmed childhood - they are absolutely right.

Thanks to my beloved Daddy, I learned how to drive a boat by the time I was 7 years old and I am speaking of a huge inboard . . could swim like a fish at age 4, flew with my Daddy in his own sea plane, had a beloved Mum who cooked and cleaned the old fashioned way and believe all of us had our chores yet she always found time to play games with us and be our best cheerleader offering us unconditional love and encouragement. I had a beloved Mum & Daddy who would take us all out fishing every Saturday night on our own version of "Golden Pond" and Mum would fry those perch and salmon up for our Sunday breakfast - yummy.. Other kids from around the lake - our special friends, Sue, Owen, John, Connie, Freddie.. Snooky, Vickie, . . everyone would be able to know when my beloved Mum was frying her homemade donuts. . . they would come over in their boats. . Now I know and appreciate that blessing. . . .Back when refrigerator biscuits were probably not even thought of - these donuts were made from scratch and hand cut. . She also would make "Whoopie Pies" a Maine treat. . Ever had one of those? DON'T EVER HAVE ONE as you would gain ten pounds!! They are THE dessert of Maine and I have the secret recipe. . Maybe someday I will post it for you all. . . .

My beloved Daddy worked hard all his life to give his family every important blessing in life. . .and it all started with introducing us to God at an early age. . Yes, we had a blessed childhood, being able to summer every year at our cottage right on the lake - but we also had beloved parents who believed in teaching us The Ten Commandments and living them in front of our eyes as an example. . . They also spent hours with us playing games and teaching us important lessons and values. . We did not go anywhere as a family that we didn't all sing hymns in the car all the way. . It was just a part of our family, just like going to church. . Since I was old enough to pronounce the word Jesus, I have known Him as Lord and Savior. . .What a gift!

The cottage has been sold - and we don't get to Maine much any more - but it is and always will be my "Heaven On Earth". . . and one of the biggest blessings of my life.. . . .a "charmed" life. . . . a "blessed life" . . Perhaps one day, God willing, I will be able to return to Beech Hill Pond - Who knows the plans God has for me? From this very thankful heart - I pray that those reading this Blog will one day find their own little piece of "Heaven On Earth". . .

Signs of Change

I remember a sign along the "camp road" a dirt road where people had to honk their car horn as they went around a corner to alert an oncoming car as the road was narrow and two cars could not fit at the same time. . So, as neighbors who showed courtesy we would all "honk the horn" around the corners to alert the other "campers". . Funny how little things like that now mean so much to me. . Such a part of those warm fuzzy memories that used to not mean quite as much because I was just a kid. . Looking back, I long for those good old days when life was as simple as a dirt road leading to Heaven on Earth..Getting back to the sign - at the fork in the road -where one camp road intersected with another - there was a sign - I will never forget it. . "This is God's country. . Why set it on fire and make it look like hell". ..Today, the ACLU would probably consider that sign some kind of unpolitically correct attempt at trying to witness for our Lord - Another reason why I miss those "good old days". . . God is God - Our country was founded on Christianity. . . Shame on anyone who has left Him out.

There's A Summer Place

I was blessed to be able to grow up spending summers on a lake in the beautiful state of Maine. . . . Every single year, when us "kids" would get out of school, my beloved Mum would take us and a group of our friends to an Amusement Park in Maine to celebrate the start of our summer - the Auto Rest Park. . . a very small park not far from where we lived - We could eat all the "junk food" we wanted, candy apples, cotton candy, elephant ears, you name it - and walk around and look at the zoo animals and ride the limited amount of rides. It was our own little "Coney Island". The very next day, we would all pack our belongings and head for the lake - "Beech Hill Pond" - the most beautiful fresh water lake you could ever dream about. . . to this very day, it is my idea of Heaven On Earth". . .

Just A Maine Girl At Heart

Place By The Sea
By Betsey Nixon
Along the coast of Southern Maine,
Is a place I want to be
The village of Kennebunkport
Oh to live in a place by the sea.
Neat little shops surround Dock Square
Pretty and quant as a town could ever be
Abundance of flowers, in bloom everywhere
This charming place by the sea.
Over in Cape Porpoise and down to the pier
Buoys and lobster boats, a lighthouse too
Walk down the lanes, absorb the warmth
This little settlement with a harbor view.
On to Goose Rocks, past the Clock Farm
To the loveliest beach for me
Tidal pools with snails and shells
Heaven has sent this place by the sea

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Faye Escaped Us Praise The Lord

Praise the Lord - Another time our part of the state escaped any Hurricane happenings! It has been two years since we have even had a Hurricane warning in our part of the state and we all consider it a blessing. . . Thank you Lord. We did not even get rain in our part of the state and we need it! The sun was shining bright and it was a glorious day. We also wish to extend prayers to those families who were in the path of Faye. . . May all of you find strength and comfort in the God who created you. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you.

New Tags Coming Soon

Lovely Victorian Birthday Post card from our extensive Victorian ephemera collection. All original designs are the copyright protected intellectual property of VRCI©2008.

We are designing an entire new line of romantic tags for gifts, Scrapbooking, Collage, Mixed Media. We have recently sent these designs to our very talented artisan, Gina, to embellish with German glass glitter or "angel dust" and gorgeous ribbons and other romantic embellishments. This is only a sampling of the many tags we have on our design board. Look for these soon at the cottage - Victoria Rose Cottage.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Romancing Your Office At Victoria Rose Cottage

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous selection of romantic office items? All hand painted by our porcelain artist, Joye, these are certain to make any Romantic Cottage Style, Elegant Victorian or Traditional office space more romantic. Joye can hand paint these any colorway to meet your own personal taste. Please stop by our website, Victoria Rose Cottage, and click on the Joye Hand Painted Items under our Shopping Banner. . .

We Are Famous For Our Original Shop Tags!

At Victoria Rose Graphics, we are known for our exclusive and original Shabby Shop Tags®. We create tags for online boutiques and websites, as well as Ebay or Etsy sellers, to use on their items they sell. We personalize these exclusive tags with your shop name. Many of our clients print them out, punch a hole in the tag with a pretty punch, thread a gorgeous organdy ribbon through and then add embellishemts such as paper roses or rhinestones. Then sprinkle with a dash of glitter or "angel dust" and you not only have a tag to hang on your item but the tag can be turned into a business card by adding your name and address and other pertinent information on the reverse side by either a label or a stamp. Many of our clients are antique store owners who have told us that their clients come in regularly to see if they have new tags as they collect them and would rather post those on a Kitchen work center or Bulletin board or use them as a bookmark. . they are just too pretty to toss away. Speaking of bookmarks, we also sell beautiful complementing book marks that make a great "tuck-in" gift for your customer. . . We sell both the tags and bookmarks as E-Images, meaning they are sent to you worldwide via Email and you can print as many as you want for personal, non-commercial use. All tags and bookmarks can be used commercially on your own products but are not to be sold or claimed as your own creations as each one is our copyright protected intellectual property.

Please stop by and visit us at Victoria Rose Graphics and take a look at our collection when you have a few moments.


Christian By Maya Angelou

When I say... "I am a Christian" I'm not shouting "I'm clean livin."
I'm whispering "I was lost,"Now I'm found and forgiven.
When I say..."I am a Christian"I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need CHRIST to be my guide.
When I say... "I am a Christian"I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak and need HIS strength to carry on.
When I say... "I am a Christian"I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.
When I say... "I am a Christian"I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible - but, God believes I am worth it.
When I say... "I am a Christian"I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heartaches - So I call upon His name.
When I say... "I am a Christian"I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner who received God's good grace, somehow. . ..

Thank you Miss Angelou for blessing us with your beautiful writing.
We consider these "Pearls Of Wisdom"

"From the fullness of HIS grace, we have all received one blessing after another."
John 1:16
The Holy Bible, NIV

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet The Joye Of Our Website

You are in for a treat! During the time when our Premiere porcelain artist, Kathy Carlson was going through times when her devotion to her family was far more important than painting - and we are thankful she feels that way - we were very blessed once again to find Joye Hinton.

Joye is also a porcelain painter but paints in a different style than Kathy. Joye's name is so true to her presence. . . For she has brought such joy to us and to those who are blessed to receive her hand painted treasures. . . Like Kathy, she also realizes her talent comes from God and thanks Him every single day for it.

We too are so thankful and it is a blessing to showcase the incredible talent of both of these fine artists. We understand from reading that china painting is becoming a lost art. That made us even more thankful that God just connected us in His own special networking so that we can showcase the talent of two women who also know and honor Him. . a perfect match. . . and it shows in their talent.

Joye is a former florist so you can just imagine how realistic her roses look - Sometimes, we think we can actually pick them off the china! From romantic hand painted office items to the gorgeous and elegant tea sets, chocolate pot sets, and now an air tight canister set for your romantic ccottage style Kitchen - you will keep returning just to view the beauty of these very romantic items - each one just overflowing with the most romantic bloom of all - Roses!

Although pink is our favorite color - Joye is also happy to paint any of her items in any color your heart desires. She loves painting special for you as her main goal is to make sure that you are happy with your purchase! Most of the time, unless a client requires a lot more details, such as a lot of added roses, she does not charge additional to customize your hand painted porcelain to your own design goals. . .

We are overjoyed - I mean overJOYEd with the incredible talent and loving generous spirit of this Christian woman. . . Please stop by our site when you have time. .
Victoria Rose Cottage continues to be thankful to God for blessing us with this incredibly talented china painter - add some Joye to your home today!

We thank the Lord for blessing us with Joye and her incredible talent and ask you to continue to bless her and her family as they continue to honor and glorify you in all they do. Amen.

We are so blessed at Victoria Rose Cottage to showcase the incredible talent of Kathy Carlson, porcelain artist. Kathy's God given and God recognized talent - is truly a gift and a blessing! We met Kathy several years ago and from the very first day - there was a special connection. I also knew that she had an incredible talent. . . I purchased a few items from her and the day they arrived, I was amazed at her incredible talent. I had collected a few pieces of Limoges from inheritance and her work reminded me of Limoges. . . I told her on that day that if I ever was blessed to open a brick and mortar store or gift shop, I would order from her regularly as her attention to detail and her Limoges style of painting just captured my heart. The little purse business card holder takes a special place on my desk today.

Well, I never got to open that little Victorian gift shop. The Lord had other plans for me and I was diagnosed with a muscle and tissue disease. . .So, I ended up with an online boutique and you guessed it - the first person I contacted was Kathy. . . I could not wait for others to see her incredible talent. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kathy is going through a very difficult time right now with a precious family member going through chemotherapy and radiation so she is only painting when she can and only the larger pieces. . . She is devoting more time to her family and we love and respect that. . in fact, we would not want it any other way. Kathy puts God first and foremost and is spending less time in her studio and more time with her family right now. . . Initially, she did not think she could take up her paint brush again - she was too sad and overwhelmed. . .With time and many prayers and prayer chains - God was able to redirect Kathy's steps and she now paints when her husband is sleeping or when she is not needed by her family. . it is therapeutic for her and we feel so blessed. At the same time, orders may take a little longer but God has again blessed us as all of the clients who are waiting on orders truly understand and appreciate her circumstance and are being so patient. . . If you would like to take a look at Kathy's incredible talent, please visit us
Victoria Rose Cottage.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with Kathy's talent and thank you for your love and grace toward her beloved family member. If any of you include prayer as part of your daily life, please add Kathy Carlson and her family to your prayer list.

In Tribute

Our Golden Girl, Rosey, as a 9 month old puppy.
Of course, in a bed of Roses!

This picture was taken of our Rosey girl shortly before she passed.

As you can see, she was the picture of health and such a blessing to us!

We will always save a special place in our hearts for this Golden Girl.


Look at that face - that is the face that captured my heart!

By the way, she sleeps on our down filled white sofa!

Where else would a "princess" sleep?

This is not a good picture of the majesty of this dog!
She is 110 pounds of breathtaking beauty!
Better pictures posted soon!

Ruby is looking pretty relaxed in her new home.

This was taken only a few days after she captured our hearts!

We promised you a picture of our beautiful new angel dog - Ruby. Ruby is a Great Pyrenees. We never imagined ever that we would be blessed with another dog when we lost our beloved Rosey girl. . . Ruby is a rescue dog - but we love to say that Ruby rescued us. . . not the other way around. I was looking around on the Internet, just looking - to see what "rescue dogs" were all about. . . My heart was breaking and I was still very sad about our Rosey passing so suddenly. A lot of our very well meaning friends suggested we look at rescue dogs and we were not ready. .saying that we did not ever want to experience the hurt of losing another dog - especially not right away. When they would make these suggestions, we knew it came from love but somehow it seemed to us that they just had no idea of our loss. . . Rosey had become a little nurse to me as well as my constant companion - and no dog could ever replace her. . . but I knew that many of these friends loved us and were only trying to help and for some of them - that help came from a very special place as they too had lost a beloved pet and companion.

So, as I looked on the Internet for Golden Retriever rescue dogs - just to see what that was about in detail - I came across many rescue groups under the various search banners. . . I went to a site that listed all rescue groups and clicked on the Great Pyrenees Rescue group. . I grew up as a little girl in Maine - with a dog at my side my entire life. I have never ever not had a dog. . . I remember asking my beloved Mum to buy me a book of dogs so I could study the breeds. My only brother had a dog collection in his room - little ceramic statues of them - and I would sneek in his room and just look at them and admire the different breeds. . . When I saw Great Pyrenees - I thought - Gee, what do they look like? I had never heard much about that breed and never seen one in person. . . It got me curious. I clicked on this link and went to the Florida group. Down the page of available dogs - about half way down - was this "Ruby" girl! The minute I saw that face - she reminded me of our Rosey - only white instead of gold. . . I read all about her and clicked out of there as fast as I could. I was NOT ready for another dog - no more broken hearts. . no. . I kept repeating this over and over. . Protect yourself - you don't need another dog - you are healing now and will visit other people's dogs and continue on and hold Rosey special. Well, to make a long story shorter- you guessed it. I could not forget that face.

I kept returning to the site and seeing her still there. I kept thinking - No - someone has adopted her - the webmaster just failed to take her picture off there. No, no, no. . .. .Plus she was a lot bigger than our Rosey and Rosey was big enough to handle.. . weighing a hefty 85 pounds. Please see pictures above.

One day I decided to just ask a few more questions about Ruby. . Was she adopted? Where was she living? How long had she been in rescue? What was her circumstance?

Yes - We filled out the application and had a home study - the group is very thorough and we were happy about that. . they don't want any dogs being adopted to be sold or further abused. . . We were told that we would not be approved because we did not have a fenced in yard! Oh Lord in Heaven - oh no. . . Not after I had "fallen in love" with this Ruby girl! The head of the group heard our story about our losing our Rosey girl and knew we lived in a community that was gated and where fences were not allowed and she made an exception for us after the case worker had brought a "test dog" to our home and she reported that we would make perfect parents for Ruby. . . .We then drove a long distance to "meet" her and the minute we met her, we fell hopelessly "in love" with this 110 pound girl who looked more like a bear than a dog! She overwhelmed us with her size and her distinctive characteristics. She has a huge mane around her neck like a lion and she was bred originally to protect sheep in France as well as the owners and their manors . . . and was referred to as a Guardian dog. . I made the mistake in the initial interview by calling saying that I had done research and understood they were great Guard dogs. I was corrected immediately and told she was not a Guard dog but a Guardian Dog and now that we have been blessed with her, we fully understand the difference. . . This dog believes her entire purpose of being here is to be our Guardian angel. .. She is fiercely protective and at the same time, has the sweetest most gentle spirit. . And those eyes - they seem to look right into the soul when she looks at you. . . It is very hard to explain and I will post further at a later time but if you have never had the opportunity to see or know these fantastic creatures - you could never "get it" as to my message. . .Ruby did not know I walk with a cane. From the time we met, she refuses to take a step until I take one. . . She won't walk in front of me or behind me .. she takes a step beside me as I take a step. It is very hard to explain but she is truly my Guardian and had no idea or formal training to be a service dog. . .
Look for updates soon. . and thank you God for blessing us with this incredible gift. . . We know, as any pet owner does, that God created pets to teach humans true unconditional love. . . Thank you Lord for your unconditional love.