Saturday, July 26, 2008

From The Valley To The Mountain Top

We have not posted for a long time. It seems that the Lord humbles us by giving us some time in the valley. The awesome news is that His unconditional love and grace and great big arms that hold us up - doesn't keep us there for long. We are climbing the mountain and doing so with praise and glory to our Lord. Thank you Jesus.

Last year was quite a year. I did not really feel like sharing much because of the time in the valley. We lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Rosey, very suddenly. We were so unprepared - not that you can ever be prepared to lose a family member. But she was a little over six years old and so healthy - our vet did not have a clue either. Apparently, these very lovable Golden Girls are prone to getting lymphoma. . Sinec we only visited the vet yearly, Rosey had lymphoma and when she gave us the first sign that there was something wrong, we rushed hr to the vet who let us know she was in the end stage and would not make it through the week. Sometimes - although we had moments of selfishness - you have to do the humane thing and let them go. . .
I used to get up every morning and just hold my head toward Heaven and ask "Why Lord - why would you take this precious friend from me? She meant so much to me and helped me so much with some physical challenges". . .Now, with healing and with prayer - I get up and I thank the Lord for His blessing - for in His mercy - we never saw our Rosey girl suffer - not one day. . .

We also are comforted by the fact that we heard a ministry by the Reverend Billy Graham who said that he had been asked so many times if our pets will join us in Heaven. . . He said with all confidence - we will. He made reference to a Bible verse but we don't want to guess and will try and find it to post at a later time.

Speaking of Mountains - our new best friend is a Mountain dog! How appropriate! Please check back to see our new best friend - our Ruby - who we know was planned just for us by our Lord - and perhaps a little nudge from our Rosey girl!! We will post pictures next posting. It is time to get back to work!

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