Thursday, November 1, 2007


Thank you Lord, for your most precious gift - You gave me life and with that - you chose for me the most incredible loving and generous parents in the world. I could not begin to write this blog without giving praise and honor and glory to the Lord.

It all began - this gift of life - with my beloved Mum being told by her doctor that she should not have any more babies. She had birthed five children and only 2 had survived. The other three were born and because of complications, passed on before they were even a week old. Those were the siblings I never knew - "Baby" who did not live long enough for my beloved parents to name, Mabel, named after my beloved Nana Porter, and Mary Ann. My beloved Mum always believed in God and therefore left it up to Him as to how many children they would be blessed to have - each one a gift to her. When she found out she was "with child" and carrying me - the doctor took her and my beloved Daddy aside and told them that the birth just could not take place safely - that either my beloved Mum would die in childbirth or I wouldn't make it or if I did make it - I would be born very sickly and not live long. My beloved parents did not believe in abortion - that was never ever a consideration. They only believed in God and His principles and would pray - I mean get down on their physical knees together - holding hands - and talk to the Lord about every major decision. No - abortion was never even a thought. They knew that they trusted God and being that my beloved Mum was "with child" again - that meant that He had plans for that child or for them and so they trusted Him, not a doctor. In today's world, I am certain that this view would be challenged by many but to me - even writing this makes me proud and so thankful for their loving spirit and faith in God.

Okay - as always - I am "rambling rose" as my beloved Mum used to call me. When I write - I lose all track of time and all of these heartfelt emotions come to surface. Now - about my birth - there is a point to me sharing this with all of you.

My beloved Mum told me that her doctor - good old Dr. Horton who was a family doctor that made house calls - can you believe it? Yes - he would drive from Bangor, Maine out to Hermon - a small town where we lived in Maine. Anyway - he had told her and my beloved Daddy that there would be complications with her deciding to have me. When I was born - everyone in the delivery room was prepared for the worst. . . either my beloved Mum or I would not make it or if I made it - I would be very sick and not survive long. Back then - one has to remember that there were no ultrasounds or even x-rays - they would have been deemed unsafe.

Okay - I am going to "arrive" any minute. Surprise!! I came into the world tiny, but not premature - Good Lord if you could see me now, there is little on me that one would say is "tiny" for certain - maybe my ankles! Anyway - instead of me being born sickly - I came into the world with rosey pink cheeks and a tiny rosebud mouth and the nurses and my beloved Mum and Daddy - and yes, even Dr. Horton - nicknamed me "ROSEBUD". Yes, I still have those rosey cheeks - have never had to wear blush or much makeup at all - And I used to get kind of embarrassed when they would call me their little "Rosebud" but now - as I sit here missing them every single day of my life - that name is somewhat endearing and precious. . .

With the blessings and the gifts comes heartache - I will leave that for the next post.I hope I haven't bored you with my beginnings.

Friday, October 26, 2007


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